6 Parenting Tips on How to Connect with Your Children

6 Parenting Tips on How to Connect with Your Children

One of the problems parents might face at one point is difficulty in connecting with their children. This might be brought by various causes like busy work schedule, rebellion in early adolescence, and others. However, it is never too late to repair your connection and relationship with your children. Here are some effective tips:

1 Make Conversations

This is one of the most basic tricks that never get old. Try to talk and listen to them—about anything really. From how their day went to some interesting and unforgettable memories that you both of you can laugh about. This is the easiest way to let your children know that you care. Don’t just impose on your belief and be a good listener. There will come a day that they will voluntarily entrust you with their troubles.

2 Learn About Their Interests

Talking won’t do all the work. Show your care in your actions by learning about their interests. Won’t a basketball fanatic kid find it easier to talk to their parents who know at least the basic rules of the game or the famous basketball teams? If your kids like video games try to watch and ask to play with them sometimes. They might just shut you out and not let you play together but at least they will feel you are not judgmental of their hobbies.

3 Never Use Guilt Trips

Fine, it might work once, twice or a few times but using their guilt to get your kids to obey you will wear them down and only cause them to resent you sooner or later. Guilt trips are not called “relationship killers” for nothing. It can make your children feel that you are forcing them to do what they do not want using negative criticisms. They may feel hurt and frustrated inside and their overall view about you might go down a notch.

4 Let them into Your World

Another way to make a favorable impression to your kids is by making them feel welcome to your life. Let them go to explore your workplace or let them meet your friends and co-workers. You can also pull your kid to your interests. Drag them to the concert of your favorite band or go with them to places with significance to you and share them your story about it. With this, they won’t feel that you are out of reach.

5 Find a Common Hobby

Find a new activity you both haven’t done yet but somehow interest you and do it together. For example, start some sports activity or enter a yoga class. This will give you more time to bond, make happy memories and develop your relationship.

6 Find Time for One-on-one Time

This is easy for those with just one kid but a little challenging to those with many children. Make sure to dedicate even at least even 15 minutes of one-on-one time to have a heart-to-heart talk or pour your love to each of your kids. There some things they may easily blurt out when you’re alone with them. Try visiting their bedroom to have some snuggle and chat time before going to bed.

6 Amazing Uses of Banana Peels Will Make You Regret for Throwing Them

6 Amazing Uses of Banana Peels Will Make You Regret for Throwing Them

When someone slipped, there might be a banana peel. That’s what we commonly see in most television shows especially in animations for children. Oh, how many cartoon characters have once had mishaps due to the ever-powerful banana peels… But aside from that, how much do you know about banana peels?

Here are 6 uses of banana peels which will make you regret ever throwing them in the trash cans:

1 Make Your Teeth Sparkling White

Dental care products are so pricey, so why not use cheap banana peels? Just rub your newly brushed teeth with the inner white side of the banana peel for about 2 minutes every day. The citric acid in banana peels can effectively lighten surface stains on your teeth in just one week. However, remember to only use fresh banana peels. Putting your banana peels in the refrigerator to be preserved is no good.

2 Add to Your Beauty Regimen

There are many beauty benefits of banana peels. To cure pimples and remove acne, massage fresh banana peels on the affected area on your face and body for 5 minutes every day. You will notice the results within a week. Keep repeating until it disappears completely. You can also make your own banana peel face moisturizer to reduce wrinkles. Simply add an egg yolk to mashed banana peels, apply and leave on your face for up to five minutes and wash off

3 Polish Shoes, Leather and Silverware

Do you know that the potassium in bananas is a key ingredient in making shoe polish? So why do you need to buy a manufactured-with-chemicals version if you have the natural one at your home? Rub the inside of the banana peel on shoes or leather to make them shine instantly. You can also make a paste with blended banana peels and a little water to polish your silver or iron pieces. Just scrub it with the paste with a soft cloth or brush, submerge in water to wash off the remaining paste and dry with a cloth.

4 Remove Ink Stains from Your Skin

Most people remove ink stains on the skin by rubbing it with alcohol until it is all red and irritated. But there is an easier solution for that. Just rub the inside of the banana peels on the affected skin and the natural oils in the peel will weaken the pigment bond on the surface of the skin.

5 Wonder Cure for Skin Ailments

Are you looking for a cheap and quick cure for psoriasis or warts? Banana peels are perfect for various skin ailments as it can naturally moisturize skin and remove itchiness and inflammation. Just rub the banana peel on the affected area and leave it overnight (you can tie it to make sure it sticks to your skin). Banana peels can help heal psoriasis and remove warts on the skin. It is also useful in itchy bug bites.

6 Revitalize Your Garden

All vegetable and fruit wastes have nutrients that can make the soil more fertile to help your plants grow healthy. However, that’s not all there is to banana peels. The high potassium concentrations in banana peels are dreaded by some insects which destroy your garden like aphids and ants.

Best 7 Tips to Learn Foreign Language as an Adult

Best 7 Tips to Learn Foreign Language as an Adult

You probably heard that it is easier for children to learn a new language. Yes, that’s right. The golden years to learn a foreign language is at 7 or 8 years old. According to experts, children at this age can master a second language easily with fluent language and grammar. However, after this critical period, the ability to learn foreign languages gradually declines. Meanwhile, a recent study reveals the cut-off for obtaining a native-like mastery for another language is at 17.4 years.

Are you far above these so-called “golden years” and “cut-off?” No need to despair yet.

If you are really determined to learn a new language, nothing can be too hard. In fact, some studies reveal that adults might be able to outperform children in language acquisition, banking on their more rich learning experience. Here are some tips to learn a new language easier as an adult:

1 Watch TV Shows in a Different Language

When you watch your favorite anime in English subtitles, you may find yourself suddenly blurting out “arigatou gozaimasu” or “sumimazen.” Hearing fluent foreign languages at an extremely fast pace, like in television or radio shows forces your brain to synthesize the information faster. Simply put, it makes it easier to get used to the sounds, thus the spoken language.

2 Use an App

Technology has ways to make learning a new language more interesting for everyone. Try using a language-learning app from your tablet or mobile phone. Some apps offer traditional curriculums while other integrates them to fun activities and games. Other apps also have a function to set goals and schedule daily tidbits or fun facts to help digest information easier.

3 Read Familiar Books in a New Language

Are you an ultimate Potterhead who can recite lines from Harry Potter books with closed eyes? It’s time to put bookworm tendencies to use. It would be easier to learn a new language on familiar books. Try it and somehow, the translation will appear in your mind as you read.

4 Be Flexible According to Your Learning Style

This is what adults have as an advantage compared to children. Through years of studying, adults have identified a learning style more suited for them. For example, some people can memorize new knowledge faster by repeatedly writing them.

5 Practice and Repetition

Analyze, understand, practice, and repeat–this is the best pattern in learning a new language. Simply memorizing a dictionary and a grammar book would be ineffective. After acquiring the knowledge, put in into practice and repeat. If you are trying to learn French, try ordering with the language in a French restaurant or use it in the community.

6 Find a Conversation Partner

Find a good, one-on-one conversation partner, either virtually or face-to-face. This will help you evaluate what you have learned in a casual setting and review what your wrongs by letting your partner correct your words.

7 Don’t Give Up Easily From Setbacks

Language is very complex. Don’t expect to be fluent immediately like a one-in-a-million genius or a protagonist of a fiction novel. Learning a foreign language takes time… and a lot of patience. Even native speakers can forget certain words or terms once in a while so why can’t you?