Whether it’s the adrenaline rush that comes from risking your life for a viral-worthy picture or the shock that comes from finding yourself in an uncompromising scenario, it’s photos like those that get everyone talking the moment they appear online.

Terry Tufferson/YouTube

Some of these photos may even influence you to do things that replicate a similar form of fearlessness which we strongly advise against so just enjoy these crazy, and mostly death-defying photos for what they are, but don’t be getting any ideas!

Here are 20 moments that almost ended in tragedy.

Instant Karma

Bears typically become aggressive when they feel they or their family are threatened so when these hunters took a black bear as a trophy; they failed to notice its family member behind them as they posed for a photograph with their prize kill. You may not be able to see too clearly, but over the man on the left’s shoulder, a bear lurks in the shadows waiting for vengeance.


Often shy, it is also likely that this bear ran off if it thought it might meet the same fate but the fact it was so close to these men makes it a danger due to its sheer size and strength.

Hunter Becomes The Hunted

In another example of why posing with your kill can be a bad idea, this hunter has killed a large stag only for the blood to bring cougar to come by. A wily animal, a mountain lion, is more than capable of getting its own kills, but it is unlikely it could bring down something this large on its own and will attack others if it thinks it can get an easier meal than making its own.


What makes this so dangerous is that the animal may well have the scent of blood and be filled with blood lust and hunger, having said that, if it would rather eat someone else’s kill than kill for its own food, it may prefer just to scare them off rather than attack them full out.

Pulling Over Can Be Dangerous

Pulling someone over in some states can be a little more dangerous than others as this cop soon found out when a gator decided to crawl out of the nearby undergrowth and greet the lawman who at least managed to get on top of his patrol vehicle. Gators have thick hides, and sometimes a bullet is not enough to keep them at bay.

This only being a small one, it may not have been too much of a problem and would have eventually become bored if it thought it couldn’t get at an easy meal, but it still makes for an unpleasant surprise.

Making A Splash

Whales are known as the gentle giants of the sea and will, most likely, not attack a boat, but they do often breach and jump out of the water. Being so large, this can cause problems as this fishing boat found out as the animal landed squarely on it causing much, unintended, carnage due to its size and weight.

A very rare occurrence, it has been known for this to happen but only on very few occasions.


Elephants are intelligent and naturally curious creatures and so if something baffles they are not beyond investigating the matter to get a better grip on the subject. Here, whilst driving on a safari, a couple is probably wishing they had a bigger car right now as an elephant uses its trunk to see what is going on.

Known to walk or sit on cars on very rare occasions, seeing a 10-ton animal take an interest in your vehicle, whilst you’re in it, must be a scary prospect even if you know it means you no harm.

Don’t Want None

Why this woman is playing with a giant Burmese Python, we do not know, but given that these things have been known to swallow small human beings, it is not something we would like to practice ourselves. With the ability to swallow cows, goats, sheep, and even sometimes crocodiles, optionally choosing to get into the water with one of these giants sounds insane to us!

Obviously being a photoshoot, we’re sure this woman was fine…we hope but either way, we’re not going to go swimming with this reptile anytime soon.

Asking For Trouble

Bear selfies have been all the rage in recent years, despite the act involving known killers of humans lurking in the background.

Still, if you’re still alive after capturing that all-important bear selfie, the results can often mean thousands of likes and new followers, which seems well worth the risk of death…. NOT!

Risking it all for Instagram fame

The deadly game of skyscraper selfie shots (yes, people have died, somewhat unsurprisingly) has attracted the brave and bold from around the world, with many of the photos bringing on clamy palms and racing heart palpitations.

The Middle Eastern skyscrapers seem to attract the most attention, but China, America and other cities with prominent skylines have also proven popular. Talented daredevils or fearless idiots? You decide.

Running Wild

Although predominantly foragers living off of plant life and what is on the forest floor, wild boar can be extremely aggressive and their fearsome tusks and size make them incredibly dangerous if you get too close to them. However, as they do not hunt for food, if you can outrun them they will rarely pursue you.

This hunter seems to have not seen his quarry so near to him as he dashes away unable to get a shot off with the tables having been turned.

A Bit Clingy

Emerging from the ocean, this man was shocked to find he had picked up a hitchhiker whilst in the water as an octopus clung desperately to his back. Given that some waters are home to some deadly species of Octopus this could have been an incredibly scary moment for the gentleman.

Luckily, the octopus was extricated without harm but with strong suckers, these guys are hard to get off!

A Woman Cries After A Playful Stingray Takes A Liking To Her

First things first: nothing fatal happened to this hyper-sensitive lady, but her reaction is priceless and has since spawned a plethora of memes.

And for fear of poking fun at her, her tears might have come about from remembering that the legendary and late wildlife enthusiast Steve Irwin died from a stingray’s sting but that doesn’t make us, or the people in the background, laugh any less!

A Date with Christ

It almost seems offensive to invade the remarkable beauty of a famed statue, yet ardent thrill seekers don’t seem phased.

The Flash Pack/Lee Thompson

In fairness, the shots are incredibly beautiful, especially this photo of British adventurer Lee Thompson atop the Christ The Redeemer statue.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Conventional wisdom would dictate you stay away from boiling lava- a fluid that has been known to disintegrate your entire body within a seconds. But this dude didn’t seem too phased.

George Kourounis/Twitter

Laden in protective gear, you’d still be hard-pressed to tempt anyone- even with all the necessary clothing- to pose for a volcano selfie.

Flying With The Gods

Dear, oh dear. Surely riding one of these things is terrifying enough? But hey, I guess you could say writers are wusses, so it’s little wonder we’re criticising this guy for doing something that, while cool, is incredibly stupid.

Jokke Sommer/Red Bull

But hey, it looks good. Awesome, in fact, even if his mother and a content writer disagree with his approach to life.

Holding On For Life

We’ve covered skyscraper climbers before in this article, but this Russian daredevil took things one step further by hanging off the edge of the building with just one arm as he used the other to take a selfie!

Kirill Oreshkin/VK

Proving that the social media-obsessed teenagers will do anything to boost their online following, it doesn’t exactly make us comfortable knowing this has now become a trend because inevitably some people will die doing the very thing same thing.

A Tough Balancing Act

It’s apparent from this article that most millennials are desperate for some sought of viral fame, and this man achieved viral recognition when he tip-toed his way across a waterfall thanks to the aid of nothing more than a flimsy branch.

Travis Burke/Facebook

But if that wasn’t crazy enough, the intrepid explorer then uses one of his hands to take a selfie with those stupid selfie sticks. Dear Lord!

A Whirlwind Encounter

Whirlwind encounters can often mean chance encounters with your ex or bumping into Justin Beiber in you local McDonald’s, but you wouldn’t expect the famous phrase to ring true in the most literal sense.

Terry Tufferson/YouTube

Captured by vlogger Terry Tufferson, his reaction sees him spew an array of expletives we can’t write down, but we suggest you watch the video if you fancy a quick and easy laugh.

Risking It All For More Followers

Risking it all for Instagram likes and followers is nothing new in this article, but perhaps this woman went further than any other daredevil.

Instagram/Viki Odintcova

Getting her boyfriend to hold onto her arm as he presumably takes a photo of her hanging off the edge with the other, this picture is all kinds of NO!!