10 Best Jobs for Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to remote work for people throughout the country, and it could permanently change how some employees do their jobs. More than 20% of workers could continue to work partially or fully from home after the pandemic is over and be as effective as if they were in the office, according to an analysis from the McKinsey Global Institute.

Occupations held by highly skilled and highly educated workers seem to be the best jobs for remote work. We’ve compiled a list of 20 occupations, drawn from the U.S. News Best Jobs of 2021 ranking, that may let you work from home or on the road. While you’ll need at least a four-year degree for these positions, they all come with strong income potential and had low unemployment rates in the pre-pandemic job market.

Keep reading to see the occupations that may have the best potential for good remote working jobs. All data comes from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Software Developer

Median Salary: $107,510
Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree

Software developers have one of the best jobs in the nation regardless of whether they work remotely or in an office, according to the Best Jobs of 2021 ranking. The occupation came in second on this year’s overall list and took the top spot among the Best Technology Jobs. That’s thanks to its strong job growth, high median salary and traditionally low unemployment rate. It is also an excellent choice for remote work since software developers can do their jobs almost anywhere so long as they have access to a computer.

These professionals create programs for both computer systems and applications. As people rely more heavily on their computers, smartphones and tablets for both personal and business uses, software developers are expected to continue to be in high demand in the years to come.

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