8 Surprising Ways You Can Use Potatoes, Aside From Eating Them

Potatoes are considered staple food in almost every country. They can be added to many recipes or they can be simply boiled, mashed, baked, roasted, or fried by themselves. They are very delicious and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, however, the uses of potatoes to do not stop at your plate. Here

1 Polish Silverware

You just noticed that the necklace you would be wearing in the evening party is discolored. No need to rush to the hardware store. The answer is just seating in your kitchen. Just boil some potatoes and after they are cooked, remove them and keep the water. Soak them in the water for 20-30 minutes, wipe properly, and voila!—you have a sparkling new necklace. And oh! You can just eat those boiled potatoes.

2 Remove Rust

The acid in potato is very effective in dissolving the rust from cast iron or old metallic tools and items. Just cut a slice and rub it to the rusty area. Leave it for about 30 minutes and use an abrasive to scrub. You can add salt or soap for better effects.

3 Polish Leather

The cleaning power of the oh so great potato does not stop with just cleaning metal and silverware, you can also use it on those made with leather materials such as bags and shoes. Just rub a slice directly to the leather. Leave for about five minutes, and wipe gently with a clean cloth and or brush.

4 Make Hot or Cold Compress

On cold winter days, it’s such a bliss to keep your hand warm with hot baked potatoes and slowly peel them to eat as they slowly get warm. Potatoes can hold temperatures, either hot or cold, for a long time. They are simply good hot or cold compress alternatives.

5 Skin Care

Time to update your beauty regimen with potatoes! Potatoes are useful in getting rid of oily skin, pimples, blackheads, and improve skin conditions. Make your own potato face mask by blending potatoes to form a paste. Or simply rub a slice in the affected area and leave for a few minutes for smoother, tighter skin.

6 Remove Eye Bags

Cucumbers are always the protagonists in removing eye bags and puffiness around the eyes but don’t you know that potatoes are a better solution. They work faster than any other vegetables in lightening dark circles.

7 An All-Around Cure for Minor Ailments

Our humble potato is so magical that it can be used to ease minor ailments such as spasms, joint pain, arthritis, body pain, heartburn, ulcers, migraine, constipation, and speeds up bruise healing. There are also studies which link potato juice to reduced risks of other diseases such as cancer.

8 Power Source

Potato batteries are common school projects of grade school kids as they possess energy which can easily be harnessed with wire. Although you cannot use them in high-voltage appliances, they can be used to power simpler electronics. You might find it too troublesome to save just a little amount in electricity bills but it would be very useful during unprepared power outages.