6 Amazing Uses of Banana Peels Will Make You Regret for Throwing Them

When someone slipped, there might be a banana peel. That’s what we commonly see in most television shows especially in animations for children. Oh, how many cartoon characters have once had mishaps due to the ever-powerful banana peels… But aside from that, how much do you know about banana peels?

Here are 6 uses of banana peels which will make you regret ever throwing them in the trash cans:

1 Make Your Teeth Sparkling White

Dental care products are so pricey, so why not use cheap banana peels? Just rub your newly brushed teeth with the inner white side of the banana peel for about 2 minutes every day. The citric acid in banana peels can effectively lighten surface stains on your teeth in just one week. However, remember to only use fresh banana peels. Putting your banana peels in the refrigerator to be preserved is no good.

2 Add to Your Beauty Regimen

There are many beauty benefits of banana peels. To cure pimples and remove acne, massage fresh banana peels on the affected area on your face and body for 5 minutes every day. You will notice the results within a week. Keep repeating until it disappears completely. You can also make your own banana peel face moisturizer to reduce wrinkles. Simply add an egg yolk to mashed banana peels, apply and leave on your face for up to five minutes and wash off

3 Polish Shoes, Leather and Silverware

Do you know that the potassium in bananas is a key ingredient in making shoe polish? So why do you need to buy a manufactured-with-chemicals version if you have the natural one at your home? Rub the inside of the banana peel on shoes or leather to make them shine instantly. You can also make a paste with blended banana peels and a little water to polish your silver or iron pieces. Just scrub it with the paste with a soft cloth or brush, submerge in water to wash off the remaining paste and dry with a cloth.

4 Remove Ink Stains from Your Skin

Most people remove ink stains on the skin by rubbing it with alcohol until it is all red and irritated. But there is an easier solution for that. Just rub the inside of the banana peels on the affected skin and the natural oils in the peel will weaken the pigment bond on the surface of the skin.

5 Wonder Cure for Skin Ailments

Are you looking for a cheap and quick cure for psoriasis or warts? Banana peels are perfect for various skin ailments as it can naturally moisturize skin and remove itchiness and inflammation. Just rub the banana peel on the affected area and leave it overnight (you can tie it to make sure it sticks to your skin). Banana peels can help heal psoriasis and remove warts on the skin. It is also useful in itchy bug bites.

6 Revitalize Your Garden

All vegetable and fruit wastes have nutrients that can make the soil more fertile to help your plants grow healthy. However, that’s not all there is to banana peels. The high potassium concentrations in banana peels are dreaded by some insects which destroy your garden like aphids and ants.