5 Natural Ways to Combat Insomnia and Promote Better Sleep

Sleep is very important to your body. Lack of sleep often leads to slower brain response, lack of energy and moodiness. However, if the inability to fall, and stay, asleep at night becomes a regularity it affects your overall health and wellness. Popping some sleeping pill, which contains a lot of chemicals are not a good solution. Here are five natural ways to fight against insomnia and promote better sleep:

1 Exercise

When your body is very tired and out of energy, it is easier to fall asleep. This is one of the best natural remedies of insomnia. It does not just help you sleep better; it also helps in keeping your body fit. Doing an evening jog around your neighborhood sounds tempting but a regular morning exercise is better. If you exercise too late in the day, the adrenaline won’t wear off till your sleep time.

Studies reveal that people with more active lifestyle sleep better. It does not have to be a hardcore gym regimen or a marathon. Experts reveal that doing moderate exercise like biking, aerobics or doing chores is more effective in helping sleep than strenuous exercise.

2 Cut Down Your Electronics Usage in the Evening

Many people have already made it a habit to hold on to their mobile phones to browse social media or play games for a few minutes before going to sleep. But the game was so addicting that the minutes became hours, until its almost morning.

Experts also revealed that using electronics such as phone, tablet, and television can disrupt your brain. These electronics give off a blue light that prevents your brain from releasing melatonin, which is very important in inducing sleep.

3 De-stress Yourself through Meditation

One of the leading causes of insomnia is stress and anxiety. However, stress is just very inevitable, especially in the busy workplace. Lessen your stress by keeping a journal or doing fun activities.

Another effective yet not costly solution is doing meditation. Some simple breathing exercises and meditation can help us de-stress. It helps our mind fell relaxed and alleviates anxiety and depression.

4 Turn Off the Lights While Sleeping

Remember those times you want to get up in the middle of the night for a sip of water or a quick trip in the bathroom but you become too lazy when you notice the dark surroundings. While exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning gives energy, keeping away from light in the evening promotes better sleep.

Because sleeping is for night time, when it’s dark, your body unconsciously perceives that it’s time to sleep. Darkness also helps your body secrete melatonin, which is cut off when your eyes are exposed to too much light.

5 Listen to Soft, Soothing Music

There’s a reason why lullabies are created to help babies fall asleep. They work, undeniably. There are countless studies that link better sleep with hearing gentle, repetitive, low-frequency sounds.

If you think you are too old for baby music, load your music player with relaxing music such as classical music or those with slow melodies. They not only block away disturbing noise in the surrounding, but they also help soothe your brain. You can also try nature sounds like rainfall or ocean waves.